Recurring Payments

Easily manage and initiate recurring and scheduled transactions.

Recurring Payments

Set-up Recurring Payments

Recurring payments built right in to our web based Virtual Terminal.  Instead of waiting for your customers to send you a check, set-up a recurring payment schedule where you electronically debit your customers account on a pre-assigned date and the money is electronically deposited into your account.  With recurring payments you do not have to touch the system it does it all for you.

  • Process Weekly, Monthly, & Annual Payments.
  • Easy drop-down menu for recurring payments!

Easily Set-up and Take Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are easy with our web-based software and can be used on 1 pc or 1000 company wide.  We provide ACH check customers with the Virtual Terminal for any computer.  The web based recurring payment software allows you to take recurring payments by credit cards, echecks, and checks by phone.  Because recurring payments are already built-in our ACH check and credit card system is the preferred choice for companies such as health clubs, rental companies, and more.  The information below will detail our ACH Check recurring payment system.  For info on recurring payments for Electronic Checks click here.

  • Recurring payments eliminates “the checks in the mail excuse”
  • You no longer have to process paper checks when everything is recurring
  • Recurring payments ensure you get paid on time and never forget to process!

 We make processing recurring check payments easier, safer & quicker

Secure, Powerful Recurring Payments With Reporting

Our system lets you setup recurring transactions by simply selecting the date on a calendar and selecting the frequency with a drop down menu.  It only takes seconds to put someone on recurring billing.  The Virtual Terminal system is very secure with multiple levels of the latest technology for electronic recurring transactions.  With full reporting already built-in as well for recurring billing there is no reason not to use our system.  If its a one time transaction or thousands of customers with recurring billing needs our system can handle it all.  Call a recurring payment specialist today.

Check by Phone is The Future!

As more and more companies move towards online systems and customers rely on the internet being able to take non paper check payment has become increasingly important.  Our check by phone system with recurring billing built in lets you take check payments in any form.  Call a check by phone specialist today.

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