Real-Time Identity Verification

ID Verify, our real time identity verification service can be used on a single PC with our Virtual Terminal or it can be integrated into your own system.  Real time identity verification is designed to:

  •   Avoid risky transactions
  •   Protect customers
  •   Prevent fraud
  •   Protect your data
  •   Prevent revenue loss
  •   & More!

ID Verify Is Built Into Our Virtual Terminal

Identity Verification Takes Only Seconds!

Whether you are selling in person or online it is essential that you be able to verify the identity of the person that you are selling to in real time.  You want to be able to establish that your customers are who they say they are.   EPS lets you perform real time identity verification online in a matter of seconds.  Real time identity verification is not only necessary today but with the new Red Flag Compliance rules, Identity verification will soon be required for many.

Real-Time Identity Verification Meets Regulations

Our real time identity verification system is already built into our system and meets current Patriot Act guidelines and also screens individuals against the Office of Foreign Asset Control list.

How Real-Time Identity Verification Works:

Real time identification aggregates the highest quality data sources available today and combines them with sophisticated programming technology to provide a state of the art  identity verification  software platform.  The data sources include The Social Security Administration, Regional Bell Operating companies, Credit company data, watch lists and numerous other proprietary sources.

In today’s environment it is crucial that you employ real time identify verification to be legally compliant as well as protecting your company and your company’s data.  Our ID Verify real time identity verification software is currently being employed by financial companies, auto dealers, mortgage brokers, utility companies, telecommunication companies and many, many more.

ID Verify real time identity verification can be used in a variety of ways.  The most basic is through our easy to use web based software.  For those companies needing an integrated solution this can be achieved a number of ways with integration interfaces to XML over SOAP, XML over HTTPS and XML through .Net Web Services.

Don’t Forget To Add ACH Checks by Phone!

Checks by phone are already built into the same system! By taking payment over the phone you do not have to wait for anything to arrive by mail.  It’s simple and ready to use. Reps are standing by to give you a live check by phone demo.

  • Authenticates a consumers identity in seconds
  • Checks the social security name and the name given
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