ACH Processing and Processing Software

The automated clearing house (ACH Processing) network is the highly reliable and secure path by which funds are moved electronically in this country.  The ACH Processing Network provides the framework for processing all types of electronic payments.  These electronic payment types include: electronic funds transfer, ACH automated payment processing, checks, and online payments.  The ACH Processing Network also provides the payment gateway for companies wanting to receive and make all types of electronic payments through the ACH Processing Gateway (Virtual Terminal).

Using the ACH Network For Payments

The ACH Processing network is simply the overall framework and network used to transfer electronic payments.  To utilize the processing network you must be able to access it securely and to efficiently use it to process electronic payments, take and process credit cards, set up automatic payments,  take checks online/by phone, etc.  This is accomplished by using our ACH Payment Processing Software. Check by phone is one of our most popular solutions to use through this network.  Processing payments with Electronic Payment Services has never been easier!

What Can You Do With ACH Processing Software?

Take Checks By Phone
Our ACH processing software will allow you to process all types of checks.  Checks by phone are fast, secure and makes check processing much more efficient.  Accepting checks as an ACH payment lets your customers choose their method of payment while streamlining your check process operation. Check out our check by phone page.

Accept Electronic Checks Online on your Website
Our ACH processing software offers you a web based electronic check processing solutions.  We can integrate an electronic check onto your website so that customers have the option of paying by check right on your company website.  Over 50% of the buying public does not have a credit card so why not let them pay you by check, right on your website while they are checking out, it makes so much sense.

Credit Card Processing
Our ACH processing software can be used for both electronic checks as well as processing all major credit cards.  Millions of people choose to pay by credit card and we make accepting and processing them easier than ever before.  Easy to set up and/or integrate into your current sales system utilizing our Virtual Terminal payment processing system.

Secure, ACH File Processing
For large scale ach processing applications we offer maximum processing flexibility.  Our ach processing system supports single or recurring transactions, debits or credits and real time or batch processing.  We also support many major credit card processors such as First Data, Global Payments, Nova and TSYS through our payments gateway.  We allow maximum ach processing options by allowing merchants to process ACH payments or credit cards originating through dial-up, private network tcP/Ip frame relay, public network ssl tcp/ip, Internet SSl post method, wireless/mobile and telephony vru’s (ivr/asr).  Additional services like identity and check verification are also available.

Recurring Billing Processing
Recurring billing is the process where, instead of waiting for your customers to send you a check, you set up an electronic payment schedule and on the assigned date payment is automatically taken out of your customers account and deposited in to your account.  Recurring billing is accomplished easily with our web based recurring billing software accessed by your computer.  Our system is so fast you can take a check by phone and set it up for recurring billing right with the customer on the phone with check in hand.

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